Training Activities

We Give Training at  Rural Aria 

 All Information Executive at Agriculture 
◙ Paddy Agriculture 
◙ Banana Agriculture 
 Dairy Worker
 Tractor Operator
 Hand Embroidery 

We give training to rural unemployed People in:

(Our Future training)

1) Pillow Covers Making

2) Candle Making

3) Paper Bags Making

4) Paper Plates and Cups Making

5) Jute Bags Stitching

6) Women Hand Made articles ex: Decorative items, Mats, Cups etc.

7) Hotel management 

8) Retail marketing, Sales marketing

9) Computer assistant

10) Electronics & House Wiring 

11) Help Care Nursery  

12) Multimedia

13) Computer Skills

14) Security 

15) Telly Sales

16) Computer assistant

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